With all the chaos and upheaval in the Arab world, I decided that it was time to stop watching the news. Around the same time, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Barakabits, ‘Baraka‘ meaning blessed in Arabic. After sitting with the incredibly inspiring Rama Chakaki – Founder of Barakabits – (who coincidentally advised me to not put on my tv) I realised that the Arab world has some pretty fascinating stories to report. Did you know that the UAE is home to a business that works to preserve traditional Palestinian embroidery?

Or that the Tigris River Flotilla in Iraq starts on September 15 to highlight a green future?

I certainly didn’t know that Gaza for example is home to a huge surfing community and has a full-fledged Gaza Surf Club that connects its members with international surfers of the world.

Barakabits brings us good news from the Middle East! Such a refreshing and alternative perspective on the region we live in. You can follow their news on social media or subscribe to their newsletter. Even better you may want to get in touch with them and contribute a ‘good’ story.

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