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Have you thought how large global brands monopolise our world and how we always tend to buy the same big names? I’m a huge supporter of buying ‘local’ and do a lot of ‘digging’ to find homegrown talent when it comes to products or services. I must admit, I get a kick out of it!

One example is when I buy gifts. Most of the time they tend to be Emirati or regionally designed. Friends are often baffled how I discover these unique gifts. Recently I’ve been asked the same question – Muna where can we find these local products? So here you go, my short guide to some regional brands:


Fashion & Apparel

Chosen by Fluke – https://www.instagram.com/chosenbyfluke

Daneh Design – https://www.danehdesign.com/

Darmaki – https://www.darmaki.com

Dima Ayyad – https://www.instagram.com/dimaayad

Fozaza – https://www.instagram.com/fozaza

Hana Collection – http://www.hanah.ae

Huda Al Nuaimi – https://hudaalnuaimi.ae

L’Afshar – https://www.lafshar.com/

Madiyah Al Sharqi – http://madiyahalsharqi.com

Miella – https://miella.com

Razan Al Azzouni – http://razanalazzouni.com

Sarah’s Bag – https://shop.sarahsbag.com/en/home

Tru Active – http://www.truactive.me (sportswear)


Note that some brands like Razan Al Azzouni and Dima Ayyad also sell through fashion portals like Symphony, The Modist and Ounass, so please visit those websites too.

The following are male designers that produce some great designs for both men and women.

35 Burgundy – https://www.35burgundy.com

Qasimi – https://www.qasimi.com (for men)

Tamashee – http://www.tamashee.com

Velorum Swimwear – https://velorum.ae (for men)



Kids & Teens

FMM Designs  – https://fmmdubai.com/ae-en

Fyunka – http://www.fyunka.co

Dumye Dolls – https://www.dumye.com

The Happy Box – https://www.thehappybox.ae



Al Abbar Designs – https://www.instagram.com/alabbardesigns

Alezan by SK – https://www.alezanbysk.com

Azza Fahmy – https://www.azzafahmy.com

Bil Arabi – https://www.bilarabi.ae

Elsa O. – http://elsao.shop

Gafla – http://gaflajewellery.com

Savolinna – http://www.savolinna.com

Usfuur – https://www.instagram.com/usfuur

Homeware & Gifts

AYA – https://www.instagram.com/ayahalbitar.design

Cocoville Chocolates – https://www.thecocoville.com

Ecru – https://www.ecruonline.com

Joi Gifts – https://www.joigifts.com

Mirzam Chocolates – https://mirzam.com

Silsal Homeware – https://www.silsal.com


Now go local and spread the word! (also please suggest more brands)



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