Young Arab Leaders

Muna Al Gurg and HRH Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

HRH Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

Being part of the Young Arab Leaders and representing this organisation as its Chairwoman has been a phenomenal experience. Giving back to the community and others has got to be high on my self-satisfaction list, and YAL being a non-profit organisation has helped me fulfil this.

YAL members and the and the royal delegation

YAL members and the royal delegation

YAL has given me the opportunity to meet influential people from across the globe. This has been an honour and I have learnt a great deal from sitting in small focus groups and brainstorming about the important aspects that make up ones country.

However, the greatest gratification is when we change a young person’s life for the better. We have provided full scholarships, for example, to bright, young students that exhibit strong potential and that would otherwise never be able to afford further education. Our rennovation of a charity school having transformed its appearance has consequently made it more welcoming to its students. Bestowing education and support to the lives of those with the greatest need is a wonderful experience and I hope to continue along this path for the greater part of my life.

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